Boston Acting Classes - Develop your craft, creativity, and confidence
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Starts April 1st

Starts April 9th

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We offer acting classes and coaching to students of all levels in the Greater Boston area.  


-starts Wed, 4/1
-starts Wed, 5/6
-starts Thurs, 5/28
-starts Wed, 7/22

-starts Thur, 4/9
-starts Thur, 7/9

-starts Wed, 6/10

        -Sat, May 2nd

  •  Need help with auditioning or preparing for a performance?
  • Looking for a monologue? 
  • Need help getting it performance ready? 


  • Does your job require you to present in front of your colleagues?
  • Would you rather jump out of a plane than speak in front of people?
  • Do you feel that you know and understand your material, but nervousness undermines your ability to communicate it?
We can work with you to ensure that you feel confident and prepared...and maybe even have fun!
We offer Private Coaching and an Intro to Public Speaking Workshop.

We have just created a website solely for Public Speaking:

We help people transform their fears into confidence.
 Come join in the fun!
 Develop your craft, creativity and confidence!
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