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"This class is perfect for you if you want to be an actor, a better presenter, or a more engaging public speaker. And if you're just curious about what actors do and why, it's good for that, too."





"Introduction for Acting was nothing short of a personal journey. It provided a disciplined foundation for character development, speaking and scene study, while at the same time was flexible enough for the unique growth of each individual actor in the class. An improvement in acting is noticeable after just one class. I would strongly urge anyone who is well-versed in the field, to anyone who is a novice, such as myself, to take Amanda and Art’s class. Since their class, I’ve landed several auditions and booked a couple of acting jobs. I look forward to enhancing my knowledge of acting by enrolling in the next class level soon."





"Art and Amanda, I wanted to say thank you so much for helping me grow as an actor.  You guys are so good at what you do!  Your classes have helped to better equip me for auditions and for being on set. Because of your classes I am able to approach auditions and roles more confidently."





"I want to sincerely repeat my utmost gratitude for the amount of growth that I experienced in your classes this year. I have felt the difference not only in my med school interviews (huge), but also in my everyday interpersonal life, level of comfort speaking in front of our class of 34 women interpreters-in-training, information sessions, and more. A colleague of mine told me yesterday, "You know, I'm really glad to hear that you took an acting class. The thought that you should take an acting class had actually occurred to me before. When you gave a presentation to the board [of Found in Translation] last year, you were so nervous...I don't want to use the word 'tragic,' but it seemed such a shame to see that the real you was not coming through. It is clear there is so much there, but it wasn't coming across." This colleague is a licensed psychologist, and he reflected on the role that anxiety can play in our lives. It's very real. Above all, I am excited to explore acting as an art form, but I can't deny its practical applications as well."





"One thing I learned from you was how to have a thought life as an actor. That has helped me so much!  Now I don't feel like I am "acting". When I am playing a role it is starting to feel more natural. Another thing I learned was how to feel more prepared during a cold read and how to approach the audition with more confidence. About a week after taking your Acting Bootcamp, I had an audition with a cold read. The audition went great, thanks to the tips and tricks I learned from your class, and I ended up getting the part!"     





"Through your classes and guidance I have also learned how to be more creative as an actor. Your encouragement and techniques has given me more confidence when approaching a script or audition. Because of the things I have learned from your classes, I have become more confident in my acting ability."  




"Your classes are always so fun but challenging at the same time. I have taken acting classes in the past but I feel like I have learned far more from the two of you in such a short time than I have anywhere else.  You are also so encouraging and make people new to acting feel so comfortable!  If you want to grow as an actor and gain more confidence in auditioning techniques, or confidence in approaching different roles, I would definitely suggest taking any of the classes Art and Amanda have to offer! They are wonderful, you won't regret it!"





"Lots of fun! Art and Amanda Hennessey are a talented team, and generous with their time and abilities. Lots of individual attention and guidance. I took the class mostly to learn to communicate better. It was helpful and effective, and lots of fun as well. Amanda and Art create an encouraging, unpressured environment that gives students the confidence to enjoy the challenge."





"I learned a ton about acting, obviously. But I think the class also forced me to relax, be fully present, and exist in a little space that's untouched by self-critique or the eyes of others."





"You've been so thoughtful in preparing and coaching each of us and really created a space that is supportive and encouraging! I really appreciated it. It's helped me to become less self-conscious and given me a whole new appreciation for theater!"





"Your class was a great experience. A terrific introduction and opportunity to advance. Thank you both for the individual attention, the access to exceptional resources and the wonderful material."





"On my part, I absolutely loved the class. I learned so much, and it really affected, in a good way, my life outside of class, too. I thought the two of you were amazing professionals and wonderful, wonderful teachers. Thank you for everything."





"…Last performance this weekend…thanks again for giving me the confidence to get up there…"





"I just wanted to write and tell you that I got SOOOOO much out of your class….by the end I learned a lot about the craft and myself and had a blast doing it."





"Loved this class! Art and Amanda spend a lot of time working with you on your technique, honing your monologue, auditioning, scene work, etc. It's so helpful getting feedback from their different perspectives: male/female, playwright/actor. The list goes on and on, but it's all good, and quite enlightening."





"Thanks to this class, instead of just performing monologues, I learned to "be" the monologue. It's kind of like "being the ball: in Caddyshack, only you never get whacked with a golf club, which is nice. Being the monologue makes auditioning so much easier. Thanks guys!"





"I thought an acting class would be fun and might also help me, as a beginning playwright, to get inside my characters as an actor would see them. The atmosphere was warm and constructive, and the teaching, while playful, took acting seriously as a craft from the very beginning. I had a great time and ended up in both the beginning and intermediate classes. I think that I lucked out -- as it happens, Amanda regularly teaches acting to film directors, and Art is a playwright as well as an actor, so they both had a broad view that enriched the class greatly."





"Art and Amanda provide excellent feedback, direction and tips for improving your performance in a friendly, supportive environment. I had so much fun in this class and learned so much, that when it ended, I immediately signed up for their sequel class - Intermediate Acting -and they didn't even have to lock me in a room and give me a timeshare-like, high-pressure sales pitch, so that was a Win-Win."





"This is drama coaching from the inside out – know yourself, know your character, know your goals, know your fellow players – and the acting takes care of itself. No-nonsense feedback and real humanity team up to bring out the best in you. No negativity, no silly flattery, just analysis and direction. This class really helped."





"I've taken Amanda and Art's Intermediate Acting Class and Scene Study Class. Their classes helped me feel more confident, have more fun, and feel great about my work! I had the chance to play lots of interesting characters, learn how to take scenes to the next level, and I also had an absolute blast!"





"Thank you so much for having me in your workshop yesterday. There was a lot of great information and I had a blast."





"Overall a pretty great experience.  The environment was open and conducive to experimenting and making mistakes.  The range of exercises was broad and flowed nicely from one to another. A ton of info was covered and it was great to try a little of everything."

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