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Payment Policies


You can pay online for all of our classes and coaching sessions. We also accept check and money orders. (Please scroll down for things to know about paying/registering with Check of Money Orders.) It is also possible to pay in cash for in person coaching sessions, except for your first session. 


For our one-day workshops, and the first private coaching session, you must pay the full amount in advance. This is non-refundable.


FOR MULTI-WEEK ONLINE CLASSES: You must pay the full amount for the class to register. If you find you cannot take the class, and you notify us at least 72 hours before the first class you can receive a refund. 

If you have paid in full, and withdraw from a class after the 72 hour window, you cannot receive a refund, but you can apply your payment to future class. 


NOTE: We do not prorate classes. If you take even one class of a multi-week course, and then find you cannot continue you will not receive a full or partial refund.  

For more info you can read our Withdrawal and Cancellation FAQ below. 


ONLINE PAYMENT:  Simply follow the directions under each class/workshop listing. (Please, when using the online payment, be sure to use an email you check regularly.  We will be sending you confirmation and information about the class and we need to have your correct email.) 


CHECK or MONEY ORDER:  You  can pay by check or money order. Email us to register for a class or schedule private coaching and we will email you an address where you can send your check or money order.  Email us at info @   


Please note:  If paying by check or money order, you are not officially registered until we receive your check or money order for the full cost of the class or the $40 non-refundable deposit.  If paying by check or money order for a coaching session, the session is not officially confirmed until we have received payment. 


CASH: We think it's safest not to mail cash, but you are welcome to use cash to pay for your coaching sessions in person.  (Please note, your first coaching session must be paid for in advance by check, money order or online.)



We do not prorate classes. If you want to take a 5 or 6 week class, but you know you will not be able to make a week, you still pay for the entire class.  




Because this is true, we have a number of policies about withdrawing from classes and workshops.  The reason for these policies? If someone can't take a class (we know, things come up), we want to be able to offer a space to someone else who is on the waiting list.





If I register for a multi-week course, but suddenly find out before the class starts that I won't be able to take the class, what should I do?

  • You should let us know as soon as possible. If possible, you should let us know at least 72 hours before the first class. 

If I find I cannot take the class, can I get my payment refunded? 

  • The payment for classes is only refundable up until 72 hours before he first class. However, as long as you notify us at least 72 hours before the first class starts. 


  • If you let us know after 72 hours before the first online class, you will NOT be eligible for a refund, but can apply your full payment to a future class.


If I pay for a course, but AFTER the first class, I find I can't continue, what then?


  • If you attend one class of a multi-week course and find that you are unable to continue the course due to a circumstance beyond your control, we will apply your tuition to a future class. No refunds are available in this circumstance.  However, this option is only available once.  If you apply your tuition to a future class, and then, during that second class, you find you cannot continue sometime after the first class again, you must pay tuition again to register for another class.  The reason for this policy is because we usually have full classes and waitlists and you will have now taken two slots in two different classes that could have been offered to another student. 


If I pay for a one day workshop, but find I can not attend, what then?


  • If you let us know in advance of the workshop, you can apply your payment to a future workshop.


  • If you are a no-show on the day of the workshop, you will NOT be able to apply your payment to a future workshop and you will not receive a refund. 


What if a class or workshop is cancelled?


  • The only time we cancel in-person classes is for very extreme weather conditions. During the Winter Class cycles, we always build in one snow date into our weekly classes. This snow date is typically the week after the last scheduled class date and is made clear on the registration page and also when you receive your confirmation. If a class is cancelled, it will be made up on that snow day. If you cannot make the snow date, we do not prorate the class. 


  • If an in person one-day workshop is cancelled for extreme weather, you will receive a full refund. 

  • ONLINE CLASSES: If, for some unforeseen technical reason, the instructors cannot hold a class or workshop (Internet outage, etc.) the class or workshop will be rescheduled, if you cannot make the rescheduled date, you will receive a full refund for the workshop, or a prorated refund for the class that was missed.  


If you have any questions, please email us at:


info @




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