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Intro to Acting -














Have you ever been interested in acting and how actors work?


Here’s your chance to find out!


Our three hour workshop is a fun introduction to the craft of acting. We will cover some of the fundamentals and techniques that actors use for stage and screen. This is a hands-on, on-your-feet workshop.


Oh, and bring your imagination, too!


FOR: ages 16 and older




Join us today!


Below is the next offering our popular Intro to Acting Workshop: 


Students must pay in advance for the workshop.

(This payment is non-refundable.)


Intro to Acting Workshop

Date: TBA

6:30PM - 9:30PM

$49 (non refundable payment)


Thank you so much for having me in your workshop yesterday. There was a lot of great information and I had a blast!

I was very nervous, but always was curious about acting. What a great time I had at your workshop! You really made every comfortable, and I learned so much...and had fun! 

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