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Private Coaching


Currently, due to our full coaching and teaching schedule, we are not taking new acting clients for private coaching. However, Amanda does offer coaching for public speaking.

  • Do you need help preparing a monologue or bringing a monologue to the next level? 

  • Are there certain blocks in your creative work that you want to break through?

  • Do you need help finding a monologue that is a good fit and a joy to perform?

  • Are you preparing sides for an audition or callback?

  • Do you need coaching in terms of auditioning for commercials, industrials or film?


Amanda can meet with you privately to ensure that you feel confident and prepared.   



Public Speaking
Public Speaking - two words that inspire fear, dread and a desire to run far far away. I know that many people hate speaking in front of their peers and colleagues, whether it be delivering a toast at their sister's wedding, sharing a presentation with a prospective client, defending their thesis or simply speaking at an internal company meeting.
Amanda is one of Boston's top coaches for presence and public speaking and she can work with you to ensure that you feel confident and prepared...and maybe even have fun! She can help transform your fears into confidence.
Click the logo to visit the Boston Public Speaking website for more information:
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Buy Gift Certificates of any value. Can be used for classes and private coaching.

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