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Private Coaching Testimonials

"Amanda creates a supportive, open, and compassionate environment to rehearse in. After only a few sessions with Amanda, I found that my outlook on auditioning and monologues changed drastically. She helped me to choose pieces that complimented my strengths and then introduced me to new ways of thinking about monologues that were joyful, challenging and creative!"






"Just wanted to tell you our sessions paid off...I am getting a $24,000 scholarship based off of the monologue audition. Thanks again for everything, I loved working with you! :)"






"Whenever I present a monologue to another class that Amanda and I have tirelessly worked on together, the instructor almost always notes how strongly developed the piece is. I've worked with Amanda for over four years, and in that time, she has not only become my number one go-to teacher regarding audition preparation or anything acting related, but she has truly become my mentor---and yes, she will be thanked in my speech when I win a Tony."







"My experience with Amanda has been fantastic from day one. She has become a teacher, coach, and mentor. In these roles, we have built a solid relationship, based on honest feedback, trust, wise advice, and fun times. Through this, she has helped me in developing my craft as an actor. Her open minded vision gave me the opportunity to explore new territories with confidence and to believe in myself. She made me feel comfortable from the beginning and supported the choices I made. I learned from Amanda, I’m learning from Amanda, and, I will learn from Amanda because I’m planning to have her as my acting coach as long as I possibly can."






"I have been working with Amanda for about a year. In that time, I have gained more than I could have ever imagined: improvement in the execution of my art, inspiration, guidance, confidence, and admiration for a wonderful, talented woman. I recently was cast the lead in my high school play, and I owe it all to her! I don't know how she does it, but she does! Thankful is an understatement concerning how I feel about having the privilege of working with her."






" went....Very Well! I made it to the Final audition and have 4 schools interested in me. I would say it was a success! Thanks again for your help and encouragement!"






"Amanda not only fine-tuned my monologues, but she also gave me the confidence to go with it. She made sure every aspect of my audition pieces were where they needed to be. She was exact and as a result my audition was exact. She is a joy to work with, both easy going and fun, but an hour with her and your pieces take on a new life!"




"Thanks so much for meeting with me .... I feel like my monologues took a huge step forward and I feel so confident in them."






"I just wanted to say I really enjoyed working with you the past few weeks! I think I learned a lot. It was really fun. Horizons: expanded. I really appreciate you being so accommodating/ helpful/patient/interested/interesting/encouraging."

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