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Getting Started Package















  • Are you curious about pursuing acting?


  • Would you like to learn the lay of the land in terms of approaching theatre, film and/or commercial work in the Greater Boston area or NYC?


  • Would you like to learn the basics of acting in a one- on-one setting?


Then the Getting Started Coaching Package is for you!


Included in this package are 4 one hour sessions where we will explore both the craft of acting and also the industry itself. Sessions will be scheduled at a mutually convenient time. Oh, and fun is included.


WITH:  Amanda Hennessey


WHEN:  At a mutually agreeable time


COST: $500 

Get Started!
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When I was considering moving to New York to pursue acting full-time, Amanda was one of the first people I discussed the choice with. She was an amazing source of encouragement not only in honing my acting skills, but in answering all my questions about the industry and acting as a career. Amanda has an excellent eye not only for scene-work and characterization, but for people as a whole. I could trust her to tell me not just what I wanted to hear, but what I truly needed to know. I could also always trust her to be patient, prepared, and positive no matter what I wanted to work on or what crazy questions I had. 

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