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Online - Auditioning for the Camera Workshop


Join us online! 

Here is the next offering our Online Auditioning for the Camera Workshop:


Students must pay in advance for the workshop.

$39 (This payment is non-refundable.)

There is a prerequisite for this class. You must have taken at least an intro level acting class with us or with another institution or organization.  


Pay online below or to pay by check or money order email:

Important note: The email you register with through payment is the email we will correspond with you through and eventually send the Zoom link for your to participate in the class. 


If there is a different email you want us to use for you, please make sure you let us know by emailing

Auditions are a crucial part of an actor's life. Many actors hate auditioning. Today, more and more auditions are moving online.


It is not uncommon at all for a first stage of an auditioning process to require an actor to "self-tape" and submit the video to a casting agent or director. Everything from commercials to small student films use this as a method of conveniently being able to audition actors. 


Given that it is a necessary part of this career, why not enjoy the process?


We will talk about attitude, framing, equipment, eyelines, what to concentrate on to make the most of your audition and create something that engages and stands out.


Taught by: Amanda and Art Hennessey


Pre-requisite: Intro to Acting with us, or another instructor or school.

This class is conducted over Zoom. Registered students will be sent a link and instructions for the online meeting. 

Students registering should make sure they have a stable and adequate internet connection and the ability to participate visually with a camera - laptop, ipad, phone, webcam, etc. 


FOR:  ages 18 and older


COST: $39.00

Online - Auditioning for the Camera Workshop - New!


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