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Playwright Coaching


  • Have you ever had a great idea for a play?

  • Do you often overhear conversations and just know they would make a great comedic or dramatic scene?

  • Have you read books on playwriting, but still never started that script?

  • Do you need accountability to finish your writing?

  • Do you have scripts that you just haven't been able to finish and need feedback, insight and encouragement?


Art can help you! 


Coaching is open to writers of all genres and levels and will be tailored to the writer's needs. We can focus on completing a  complete scenem, a short play or a full-length piece. Participants will be encouraged to outline full length play ideas if desired. Along the way we can cover language, setting, time, themes, character, plotting and structure. 


WHEN: At a mutually agreeable time


COST:  $80 per hour.

The first session must be paid for in advance of meeting.



3 sessions - $216

Book a session today.

To schedule a session email


Pay for your session online click below.

Art Hennessey provides a wonderful style and spirit for writers and actors. I have thoroughly enjoyed my time being coached in the art of playwriting. The questions and insight that Art provides is wonderful and as a novice writer the structure and tips he suggests along the way are most helpful. It is a pleasure working with Art and I find that I am enthused and recharged to be devoted to a passion of mine - to see my play produced!

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